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How 8-yr-old braveheart led police to her rapists


A day after an eight-year-old girl sleeping outside her house in east Delhi’s Mandawali was abducted by three men, taken to a jungle area and gang-raped, investigations have revealed how the minor’s brave act helped the police nab the accused.
The girl identified one of the perpetrators through his mannerism and it was just a matter of hours that the cops tracked down the accused. Police said the men gagged her and covered their own faces to avoid recognition. However, she recognised one of the accused, Amir, through his snigger. The girl remembered hearing his voice from six months ago when Amir had an argument with her brother.
The survivor’s father said the three men lived in a nearby slum and were known to be local toughs. “They had fought with my son for driving a bike through the forest; the attack on my daughter might be a fallout of that,” he said.
Around 11pm on Sunday, one of the accused gagged the girl with his hand and took her to the jungle area near the Yamuna riverbank. The three men then raped the girl in turns. Later, they dumped her near her house and fled. The girl, bleeding profusely from her private parts, crawled her way home and called out to her parents. “I was horrified to see my child’s condition. The men had tied a bloodstained cloth around her neck and left her near the house. She fainted after I picked her up. Her ordeal had lasted nearly two hours after she was kidnapped,” said the child’s father.