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Students Meet to Discuss Women’s Safety

On October 9th we had our 2nd Ninja Girl organized event! We gathered a group of students from Jawaharlal Nehru University for an open forum on Women’s safety concerns.

After the gang rape on Dec 16, 2012, fierce public protests took place in New Delhi against the government for failing to provide adequate security for women. Majority of these protesters were young women. They clashed with security forces and were attacked with cane sticks and water hose. Similar protests took place in major cities throughout the country. Nirbhaya’s life and death have come to symbolize women’s struggle to end rape and the long-held practice of blaming the victim rather than the offender.

With these students, mostly women, we discussed the current situation in India 3 years later, what should be done, and how to try to achieve those goals. We were honored to have Nirbhaya’s parents present at the meeting and actively participate in our discussions. Students have so much energy for activism and we hope to channel that to help our cause!blog3_1


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